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Additional Workshop Topics

JK and SK and Grades 1-6

These are programs specifically designed for children from JK-Gr.6 and take place in schools, daycare centers, or even church basements. They are 45-60 minutes in length and are sure to capture your childrens' attention.  The children also perform experiments, participate in demonstrations and have a take home item at the end of each program.


Grades 1-6 (60 Minutes)



Children will step into the role of a detective and discover how forensic science plays a central role in solving crimes. They will create and analyze fingerprints, examine dental records, make teeth impressions and discover how written materials can be analyzed to help solve a crime. Their powers of observation will be put to the test. Everyone will make a Child Identification Kit to record their fingerprints and other vital information.


Children discover the mysterious wonders of chemical science. They learn the difference between physical and chemical changes through exciting, hands-on investigations.  They watch crystals form in water glass and see acetone reduce foam to a puddle of goo. The class will get their hands dirty with a non-Newtonian fluid and use hydrophobic compounds to keep things dry even when submerged in water! Each student will create a pot of their very own Silly Putty polymer to bring home!


Defy gravity! Conduct cool experiments with centripetal force, inertia, and gravity. Find out what makes the world go around in an entertaining introduction to the basic concepts of forces. Sir Isaac Newton would be proud when young scientists investigate his law of inertia. Children experiment with mass and balance using their own centers of gravity.  A comparison between rubber and plasticene balls brings the physical effects of forces to light. Gyroscopes and spinning marbles reveal the concepts of precession and centripetal force. Children leave with a thirst for physics along with their very own Balancing Bird Take Homes.


Explore the amazing world of creatures that fly: creatures that creep and creatures that crawl!  Children will examine the anatomy of insects up close and divide a container of creepy crawlers into insects and non-insects.  They will lean how insects adapt by building insect puzzles at habitat stations.  Activities will illuminate how insects see, how they spread pollen, and their different types of defense mechanisms.  Children will reinforce their knowledge of insect anatomy by creating their own Insect Buddy to take home.


Dig into Earth science with an exciting hands-on workshop exploring the amazing natural world of geology!   Children are introduced to the Earth’s layers and will examine rock samples to find out how they were made and where they were formed. Tipping Tremors will wobble a tower in an investigation of tectonic plates and then things get explosive with a volcanic eruption!  Children will experiment with our Brazil Nut Effect jars and build their very own Sedimentary Stacker to take home.  Junior Scientists will marvel at the extraordinary science of nature beneath our feet!


Under Pressure is an exciting immersion in the science of air pressure and Bernoulli’s principle. Children enjoy the exciting tale of the Viking ship while learning about thermodynamics and weather systems. A hopping, hovering ping pong ball lets children experiment with unbalanced air pressure. Air-blasting Air Zookas are a fun way to understand the physics of breathing. Children apply their knowledge to overcome gravity using compressed air, and they will take home their very own Bernoulli Mist Makers.


  JK and SK (45 Minutes)



ADVENTURES IN AIR: (Unavailable January-March 2019) 

Discover that air is powerful! Air moves things, slows things down, is invisible and always surrounds you. This fun-filled workshop is an interactive introduction to the science of air.  Children will learn about air and air pressure, and discover that air can move a variety of objects.  The concept of evaporation will be explored in hands-on activities, and an interactive game brings a stormy weather day alive in the classroom.  An amazing demonstration uses hot air to launch an indoor rocket, and the class concludes with each child creating their very own Pinwheel to take home.


During this fun and interactive workshop, children will discover why we have different seasons and the role that weather plays in our lives.  Models will demonstrate how the movement of the Sun and Earth gives rise to days and years and children will see first-hand how different parts of the world experience the cycle of seasons.  They will learn how humans, plants and people prepare for seasonal changes in very different ways and sing a specially-written Four Seasons song.  Each child will make and bring home their very own Pet Tornado!


This fun-filled workshop is an interactive introduction to the human body.  The class will identify organs, build a bony skeleton and experience the journey of a blood cell through veins and arteries.  Children will investigate muscles and use a stethoscope to find out how exercise affects heart rate.  Incredible visual demonstrations show how the stomach digests food and the amazing length of intestines inside each person.  The children will make an x-ray image of their hand to take home!


Your children will learn all about the science behind things in the ocean in this hands-on look at the sea, sand and surf. They will see how sand is created and observe shells up close. They will discover what creatures live in the sea and play a game with a model turtle. They will sing an ocean song and even try to speak whale! Children will make their own ocean bottle to take home with them.


Good vibrations will ripple through your classroom as children experience the wonders of music. The highs and lows of various musical instruments will be revealed and children will discover the music in them when we pump up the volume to create a musical masterpiece. The music will live on when they make their own Musical Jingle Bracelets to take home with them.


This interactive workshop is a great introduction to the five senses. Comparing each sense to an animal with exceptional skills, children will see how different living things learn about their environment. The class will play a game to test their sense of smell and work together to identify hidden objects and name mystery sounds. The scientist will perform a seemingly-impossible feat, and the children will examine their own taste buds. Each child will make an optical illusion Thaumatrope to take home.



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