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Fun Stations


Children will learn the basics of polymer construction and molecular bonding while making their own ooey, gooey Mad Science Slime to take home. Watch as your children concoct a mixture that will transform from a runny liquid to slippery slime before their very eyes.

Mad Science Putty

Watch as your little scientists create a chemical reaction by mixing three liquid ingredients and finishing with stretchy Mad Science Putty to take home.   Children will leave the booth with their Putty and having learned the basics of polymers and molecular bonding.

Dry Ice

Wow your children with the wonders of Dry Ice. Children will explore the three states of matter and learn about the exciting change known as sublimation. Our Mad Scientists will concoct bubbling potions, colour changing mixtures, and grandiose fog effects with Dry Ice. Each participant will make ‘ Mad Science snow’ to bring home with them.

Cotton Candy

While making cotton candy for each child, our Mad Scientist will demonstrate how even a sweet treat is created by science. Children will hear how a chemical reaction has turned raw sugar into their delicious cotton candy.


Toys are science too! Children will explore the science of motion and hear how some of their favourite toys work. At this booth each child will make their very own bouncy ball to bring home with them! 

UV Beads

Although children are often aware of the dangers of UV light, they may not know how little UV light can cause skin damage. After making their own UV detector key chain at this booth, they will know when they must protect their skin. 

Feel the Pressure

Children will feel the pressure as they mash marshmallows, rescue a diver, and participate in our pressure mat challenge. Our crazy Mad Scientist will demonstrate Bernoulli’s principle and children will experience it first hand as they make their own Mist Maker to take home.



Audiences will be dazzled by our spectacular Fire and Ice Show! We will mesmerize children with our special Dry Ice that doesn’t melt. The properties of our amazing ice will be demonstrated with a foggy dry ice storm, a shivering coin dance, screaming sizzling scissors, and the BIG BURP. We will heat things up with indoor fireworks, disappearing fire, Eggbert, our hefty egg friend who has outgrown his own home, and a thrilling finale that will leave your audience wanting more!



This spellbinding show introduces children to the principles of air pressure and illustrates how it affects the world around them. The Mad Scientist will make a hot air balloon out of a dry cleaning bag, create giant smoke rings, a Dinosaur Sneeze and demonstrate how pressure can be used to create special effects in the movies. Our grand finale will thrill everyone as an audience member experiences the wondrous and floating powers of a Mad Science Hovercraft!




This thrilling performance will explore a combination of chemistry and physics. Audiences will be amazed by our colour change demonstration. Children will be awed as the Mad Scientist creates an extra hand to help with our experiments. Children will witness a number of exothermic reactions that will produce a Genie Out of a Bottle and a Giant Foam Snake. The fundamental forces of planet Earth will be summoned as the Mad Scientist turns a glass of water upside-down without spilling a drop. We will also challenge the odds with a bungee jumping glass bottle. 


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