JK/SK Workshops


Weather Wonders

Children will identify different types of weather and begin to explore the causes of some of them. The class will play Weather Bingo, see and learn ways scientists measure different weather types, and sing weather-related songs. Children will learn about the water cycle, discover the spectacular movement of lightning and be amazed to see rainbows. Take-home: Rain Gauge


Colour Lab

This vibrant workshop is a fun-filled introduction to the science of colour. Children will learn about light and colour, and identify various colours in a variety of games. Colour mixing will be explored with a chromatography activity, and invisible colours will be revealed using special science equipment. Take-Home: Rainbow Mixer


Adventures in Air

Children will learn that even though air is invisible, it is all around them, all the time. They also learn that air has the power to move items and to slow them down. They experiment with a variety of items that rely on the air to help them move. Take Home: Pinwheel


Digging for Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are always a huge hit with children! They will be introduced to the differences between meat eating and plant eating animals and will have the opportunity to look at dinosaur teeth up close. They will also work as paleontologists by participating in a mini dinosaur dig that will engage their attention as well as their scientific skills. Take-home: Dinosaur Tooth Fossil


Water Works

Children will learn all about the different properties of water. The children will experiment with the concepts of floating and sinking. They will create a sugar cube tower to learn about water’s surface tension ability. The concept of density is explored with our special ‘Eggbert and Meg’ demonstrations. Take-home: Glitter Tube


Creepy Crawlers

Children get engrossed in entomology! They discover that insects are arthropods and inspect preserved authentic insect specimens. Insect anatomy is introduced and examined up-close. An ultraviolet powder activity lights up the truth on how insects spread pollen. Children learn how insects see the world and the many different ways insects defend themselves. Take-home: Model Insect


Science of Music

Good vibrations will ripple through the room as children experience the wonders of music. The highs and lows of various musical instruments will be revealed and children will discover the music in them when we pump up the volume to create a musical masterpiece. Take-home: Musical Jingle Bracelets


Human Body

In this class children are introduced to the human body. The children will identify organs, build a bony skeleton and experience the journey of a blood cell through veins and arteries. Children will investigate muscles and use a stethoscope to find out how exercise affects heart rate. We will show how the stomach digests food and the amazing length of the intestine. Take-home: X-Ray Hand


Space Frontiers

Take your class on a trip through the solar system where they will learn all about the elements of space. Sign up for the “Mad Science Space Mission” as we investigate the cosmos. Take home: Mini Rocket


Mad Mixtures

Students will be introduced to the science of chemistry. They will learn about chemical safety and common hazard signs, and play a game to identify common laboratory equipment. The concept of chemistry as ‘mixing things together’ will be explored when children pour, stir and mix their way to volcanic explosions and colour-changing pH tests. Take-home: Crazy Dough


Common Senses

This workshop is a great introduction to the five senses. Comparing each sense to an animal with exceptional skills, children will see how different living things learn about their environment. The class will play a game to test their sense of smell and work together to identify hidden objects and name mystery sounds. Take-home: Thaumatrope


Sea, Sand & Surf

Your students will learn all about the science behind things in the ocean in this hands-on look at the sea, sand and surf. They will see how sand is created and observe shells up close. They will discover what creatures live in the sea and play a game with a model turtle. They will sing an ocean song and even try to speak whale! Take-home: Ocean bottle


Shapes and Structures

Children will learn about different shapes and structures as they search for hidden shapes in structures from around the world in this introduction to engineering science. They will discover what 2D and 3D shapes are, and will try out the Puzzle Box challenge! They will also explore the concept of structures using Magnatiles® Take-home: Sailing Boat using a variety of materials and shapes.

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