Dynamic Discoveries

Daily Topics


Sticky Stuff

Discover the invisible world of magnetic fields, and move objects around without touching them. We challenge campers to figure out how Velcro works, and use their new-found knowledge to identify and experiment with a variety of adhesive materials. Each child will assemble their Professor Beakerdude kit – a set of reusable adhesives and a beaker to continue their exploration at home.



Campers will learn all about animals! We’ll discover different sounds animals make, different types of coverings animals have for their bodies, and how animals change from babies to adults. We’ll examine how bird’s beaks act as tools to help them eat particular foods. Campers will examine their own taste buds, and compare each of our five senses to an animal with exceptional skills.


My Body

Join us as we journey into the depths of our skeletal, digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems and discover the amazing way our brains coordinate all that we do! Investigate your senses, test your eyes and nose and try to communicate using Braille. A series of activities to learn all about our organs will lead us to an experiment creating mini model brains!



Campers create impact craters and observe model meteors falling through a model atmosphere. After exploring the effects of lenses and mirrors on light rays, children make a model comet to take home! Each camper will build their own model rockets while exploring the science of rocketry. Finally, the campers will witness a thrilling model rocket launch, and learn all about the preparations needed.


Light and Sound

Interactive and hands-on activities will demonstrate how light helps us see, how mirrors reflect light, how shadows form, and that white light is made from all the colours of the rainbow! Music and all sorts of merry sounds engage children in sound experiments showing the properties and transmission of sound waves.

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