World of Wowology

Weekly Topics


Current Events

Take a trip on the electron freeway! Investigate conductors, insulators, and other elements in the world of circuit electricity. Plug into science and technology with your very own Circuit Maze.


Fundamental Forces

Defy gravity! Conduct cool experiments with centripetal force, inertia, and gravity. Bring home a Balancing Bird.


Science of Magic

Learn the science behind illusions, read minds, and perform a Houdini-style escape! Amaze and amuse friends and family with the Curious Cube. It’s not magic—it’s science!


Fantastic Fliers

All aboard for a Mad Science flight! Explore the fundamentals of flight. Assemble a Delta Dart and Sky Hawk Foam Plane.

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Super Structures

Be a junior architect and engineer! Test shapes and materials for strength. Build and test a Roman Arch. Construct a structure from scratch with the Bridge Basics kit.


Under Pressure

Join Bernoulli as we take an exciting look at the science behind air pressure. Create a vortex with an Airzooka! Launch foam rockets with the Air Blaster


Mission Nutrition

Learn about our food sources and discover the secret science of baking. An explosive reaction demonstrates the hidden energy of a marshmallow! Stay healthy at home with your own Step-O-Meter.


Wacky Water

Splash into a world of waves, density, and buoyancy! Realize the impact of oil spills on our environment. Build your own Rescue Diver.

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