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Daycare & Library Workshops Topics

JK and SK and Grades 1-6

These are programs specifically designed for children from JK-Gr.6 and take place in schools, daycare centers, or even church basements. They are 45-60 minutes in length and are sure to capture your childrens' attention.  The children also perform experiments, participate in demonstrations and have a take home item at the end of each program.


Grades 1-6 (60 Minutes)

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During this fun workshop Mad Science will safari Junior Explorers through the exotic, tropical world of jungle life. Children will be energized when we take a closer look at rain, light, insects and plants. Stinky bug juice and our pet “snake” will excite everyone. Children will make a Jungle Paw Print to bring home with them.


This exciting workshop concentrates on how we perceive light and its effect on objects.  Through hands-on activities, students will discover the amazing properties of light and explore glow-in-the-dark technology.  The nature of fluorescence and phosphorescence are unveiled in a black light demonstration. Chemiluminescence is demystified using a flashlight analogy.  Children will create their own UV Bead Key Chain to monitor the UV levels in their surroundings and encourage sun safety! 


Investigate the exciting world of polymers & the chemical reactions we use to create them. Transform two liquids into an oozing batch of your very own slime using the secret Mad Science recipe, and then enter your creation in the Slime Olympics! 


Space Technology starts with an exploration of space-related technologies used on Earth. Students will help laser light through a maze, use principles of radar technology to find hidden mountains, and discover the importance of points of reference to depth perception. From there, it's out into space with an examination of potential threats to spacecraft. Children build their own Comets to take home!  


Inventing means observing, building, thinking, and discovering:  Our mini Mad Scientists will do all this and more in our fantastic Inventionation workshop!  Inventions past and present are explored, and children will discover that anyone can be an inventor!  Do you have what it takes to answer our Invention Challenge and earn yourself a Mad Science Patent Award?  No workshop would be complete without a little potion-making, and we won’t disappoint with our demonstration of polymer formation.  Students will be challenged to use all their new-found knowledge to create a musical instrument to take-home and to continue their investigations like the inventors of the past.


Catch some cool colours and make a rainbow out of white light. Children observe demonstrations that blend colours to produce white light, and others that separate white light into colours. Experiments with prisms and diffraction lenses give children the opportunity to explore the colour spectrum of various light sources.  Children look at the world through tinted lenses to experience colour blindness and see through the eyes of animals. Creating an optical-effect Newton’s Peephole to take home completes this illuminating adventure!


In this energizing workshop students will learn all about the beginnings of a childhood favourite… the toy!  Students will test, play and ponder the inner workings of your favourite toys while discovering the science behind each of them.  An investigation into potential and kinetic energy will allow students to understand how toys move.  In an exciting demonstration of electrical energy, students will create a human circuit to activate a chirping bird.  Children will apply their knowledge to create their very own Ball Catch Game to bring home!


Join Mad Science for an energetic tour of Canadian science!  Beginning in our snowy Northern Territories we'll discover how animals and humans have adapted and invented their way to survival in cold weather.  Junior scientists will conduct amazing chemical reactions, discover the secrets behind a sliding hockey puck, build and test a working Canadarm model, and try out some modern Foley artist tricks of the trade.  Our workshop will finish with a celebratory Mini Fireworks display, and each child will create a Canadian Snowball in a cup to bring home.  


 JK and SK (45 Minutes)  

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MAD MIXTURES: (Unavailable January-March 2019)

This fun-filled workshop is an interactive introduction to the science of chemistry. Your children will learn about chemical safety and common hazard signs, and play a game to identify common laboratory equipment. The concept of chemistry as ‘mixing things together’ will be explored in hands-on activities when children pour, stir and mix their way to volcanic explosions and colour-changing pH tests. An amazing demonstration opens up the world of polymers, and the class concludes with each child creating their very own pot of Crazy Dough to take home.


Children get engrossed in entomology!  They discover that insects are arthropods and inspect authentic insect specimens. Insect anatomy is introduced and examined up-close. An ultraviolet powder activity lights up the truth on how insects spread pollen. Children learn how insects see the world and the many different ways insects defend themselves.  At the end of the workshop each child will create a model insect to take home! 
SPACE FRONTIERS: (Unavailable January-March 2019)

Take your class on a trip through the solar system where they will learn all about the elements of space. Sign up for the “Mad Science Space Mission” as we investigate the cosmos. Students will make their own Mini Rocket to take home with them.  


Dinosaurs are always a huge hit with children!  They will be introduced to the differences between meat eating and plant eating animals and will have the opportunity to look at dinosaur teeth up close. They will also work as paleontologists by participating in a mini dinosaur dig that will engage their attention as well as their scientific skills. They will be taking home a Dinosaur Tooth Fossil that they make on their very own.  


Children will learn about different shapes and structures as they search for hidden shapes in structures from around the world in this hands-on introduction to engineering science.  Children will discover what 2D and 3D shapes are, and will try out the Puzzle Box challenge!  They will explore the concept of structures using Magnatiles® and even make their own Sailing Boat to take home using a variety of materials and shapes.


Children will learn all about the different properties of water in this interactive workshop.  A watery hands-on activity will allow the children to experiment with the concepts of floating and sinking.  Students will create a sugar cube tower to learn about water’s surface tension ability.   The concept of density is explored with our special ‘Eggbert and Meg’ demonstrations.  This workshop will conclude with the children creating a Glitter Tube to take-home, a sparkling example of density! 

COLOUR LAB: (Unavailable January-March 2019)

This vibrant workshop is a fun-filled introduction to the science of colour.  Children will learn about light and colour, and practice identifying various colours in a variety of games.  The concept of colour mixing will be explored in hands-on chromatography activities, and invisible colours will be revealed using special science equipment.  An amazing demonstration opens up the world of colour-changing chemicals, and the workshop concludes with each child creating their very own Rainbow Mixer to take home.


 This hands-on look at the weather of our planet will help children identify different types of weather and begin to explore the causes of some of them. The class will play Weather Bingo, see and learn ways scientists measure different weather types, and sing weather-related songs. The children will take part in an interactive story about the water cycle, and discover the spectacular movement of lightning. Children will be amazed to see a rainbow created in their classroom. The children will make a Rain Gauge to continue their investigations at home.


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