Rocket Camp

Daily Topics


Rocket Scientists

Campers will create a rocket journal that they will use during the camp to record all of their experimental data. They will learn about the parts and functions of a rocket and learn the model rocket safety code. Children will build and launch bog-roll rockets, build Skyblazer rockets and their own altitude trackers during this exciting introduction to model rocketry.


Rocket Flight

This program will explore what makes rockets fly, the parts of a rocket are involved in flight, and how energy gets things moving! Children will make and launch Paper Tiger rockets, experiment with devices called “food flingers” and rocket pinwheels and divide into their launch teams to launch Estes Alpha Rockets.


Mission Control

Campers will learn about the history of NASA’s rocket program and begin their exploration of the universe by making devices called “nanorovers.” They will build their own galactic mobiles and create lunar prospectors while they talk about how the galaxy can be explored via rocket flight. The children will end the day with launches of Paper Tiger and Airwalker rockets.


Rocket Propulsion & Recovery

Rockets can travel into space but how are they propelled and how are they recovered? Campers will explore the concepts of propulsion and recovery systems through various hands-on activities. They will compare the features of different types of rockets and even design their own rocket to the moon!


Go for Launch!

The final day in this week long program will focus on rocket transportation, rocket staging and advanced rocket launches. Campers will discover the advantages of rocket staging –attaching small rockets to the tops of larger rockets & create their own rocket that has two stages.

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