Daily Topics


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Leonardo Da Vinci started as an artist & developed many scientific observations that he recorded in his notebooks. Children learn about his many discoveries & try their hand at his experiments including writing notes backwards, measuring human proportions, building a self-supporting arch bridge and building catapults.


Whiz Kids

In the late 1800s inventions & patents to protect an invention were very popular. Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were in several battles over electrical inventions of their era. Children form circuits & recreate Tesla's bright atmosphere for the 1893 World's Fair. They learn anyone can be an inventor.



Archimedes and Benjamin Franklin created devices to make their society function more smoothly. This day puts children on a “deserted island” where they work together to invent a means for collecting food & water, build shelters, bridges, & learn about density. They use the tools at hand to write messages to send in a bottle & witness a volcanic eruption.


Think Fast

Orville and Wilbur Wright worked together to develop the first self-controlled motorized flying machine. Their efforts led to improved bicycle pedals and faster sleds. Children will review technological advances in flight that will help with producing improved paper plane designs. Children will have the opportunity to launch self-built rockets & load a payload capsule puzzle.


Science Fiction

Jules Verne & Isaac Asimov wrote about the future. These sci-fi writers developed the reality of their current technology into future possibilities. The children develop submarines that rise or sink & wind-up space stations. They follow a telecommunications timeline & develop one for transportation. They will decipher fact from fiction, have a lesson on lasers & build a light saber to take home.

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