Daily Topics


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Leonardo Da Vinci started as an artist & developed many scientific observations that he recorded in his notebooks. Children learn about his many discoveries & try their hand at his experiments including writing notes backwards, measuring human proportions, building a self-supporting arch bridge and building catapults. The inventors bring home their Da Vinci designs & devices at the end of the day.


Whiz Kids

In the late 1800s inventions & patents to protect an invention were very popular. Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were in several battles over electrical inventions of their era. Children form circuits & recreate Tesla's bright atmosphere for the 1893 World's Fair. They learn anyone can be an inventor . The children prepare a patent proposal & receive a patent certificate.



Archimedes and Benjamin Franklin created devices to make their society function more smoothly. This day puts children on a “deserted island” where they work together to invent a means for collecting food & water, build shelters, bridges, & learn about density. They use the tools at hand to write messages to send in a bottle & witness a volcanic eruption. The children design a boat to bring home.


Think Fast

Orville and Wilbur Wright worked together to develop the first self-controlled motorized flying machine. Their efforts lead to improved bicycle pedals and faster sleds. Children`s review technological advances in flight help with producing improved paper plane designs. They put historical flight events in chronological order. They will launch self-built rockets & load a payload capsule puzzle.


Science Fiction

Jules Verne & Isaac Asimov wrote about the future. These sci-fi writers developed the reality of their current technology into future possibilities. The children develop submarines that rise or sink & wind-up space stations. They follow a telecommunications timeline & develop one for transportation. They will decipher fact from fiction, have a lesson on lasers & build a light saber to take home.

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