Junior Science Academy

Daily Topics


My Senses

Wake up your senses with an adventure through the science of your body! Campers go big with our eyeball model & go small with magnifying glasses. We'll investigate sound with a Wave Motion model and use our Guitar Boxes to experiment with vibrations. Test your sense of smell and see how animals use theirs, and then learn how your tongue identifies a variety of tastes.


Our World

Children will discover why we have different seasons and the role that weather plays in our lives. They will learn how humans, plants and people prepare for seasonal changes in very different ways and see water disappear before their eyes! The class will play Weather Bingo, see and learn ways scientists measure different weather types, and sing weather-related songs.



Meet the creatures that represent almost 90% of animal life on Earth! Jr. entomologists discover the anatomy of insects - how they breathe, see, move & eat - using microscopes, giant bug models and insect eyes. We'll learn about predators & check out defensive moves. Insect life cycles & metamorphosis, and the importance of insects to our daily lives.



Junior Engineers get building in this action-packed investigation of materials and structures. Solve the riddle of our Amazing Objects and use all your senses to track the changes in our slime recipes. Identify natural and human-made structures and learn the importance of choosing the right materials for the job.



Campers become scientists-in-training in this program on laboratory techniques. Beginning with lab safety various danger signs and safety practices will be introduced. They will learn how to accurately weigh powders, measure liquid volumes and combine materials to create a solution using both simple and complex equipment.

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