Science Sleuths

Daily Topics


Mad Messages

Discover how to send secret messages to your friends using special codes! Children learn how to talk with numbers, just like computers, and create their very own code "crackers". In the afternoon, they become detectives and use their Mad Science observational skills to discover the hidden recipe of an ink pen.


Earth Awareness

How are we hurting Mother Earth? Discover how science will help us protect our planet. Children will understand the basics of water pollution, acid rain, and some uses of solar energy. By actively recycling, they will make their very own paper to take home and actually use!


Chemical Counting

Explore the “nuts & bolts” of chemistry, starting with the principle of “chemical counting” using model atoms to build familiar molecules. A mystery solution’s contents are determined via chemistry. Topics here range from creating electrical current using chemical systems (exactly as a battery does) to plating (chemically bonding) one metal onto another.



Play the nature scavenger hunt that combines science exploration with the animal kingdom. Campers learn about camouflage, adaptations and animal habits, and even replicate an animal's footprints.



Young astronauts explore the mysteries of the solar system. Children will discover how astronauts live and work in space. The sun, the moon, the stars, and gravity are only a few of the things that must be dealt with on this Mad Science space mission.

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