Our Special Events Shows


Up, Up and Away!

This show introduces children to the principles of air pressure and illustrates how it affects the world around them. The Mad Scientist will make a hot air balloon out of a dry cleaning bag, create a Dinosaur Sneeze and demonstrate how pressure can be used to create special effects in the movies. An audience member will experience the wondrous and floating powers of a Mad Science Hovercraft!


Fire and Ice

Audiences will be dazzled by our Fire and Ice Show! We will mesmerize children with our special Dry Ice that doesn’t melt. There will be foggy dry ice storm, a shivering coin dance, sizzling scissors, and the BIG BURP. Things will heat up with indoor fireworks & disappearing fire. Eggbert, our hefty egg friend who has outgrown his own home, and a finale that will leave your audience wanting more.


Spin, Pop, Boom

This performance will explore a combination of chemistry and physics. Audiences will be amazed by our colour change demonstration. The Mad Scientist will create an extra hand to help with experiments. Exothermic reactions that will produce a Genie Out of a Bottle and a Giant Foam Snake. The forces of planet Earth will be summoned as the Mad Scientist turns glass of water upside down.


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