Our Grades 1-3 Curriculum Workshop Topics


Gr. 1 - Body Basics

Students will investigate their senses, test their eyes and noses, and try to communicate using Braille. They will love learning about their environment and all the living things that share it. This offers an amazing way to explore the ways that we are all connected. TAKE HOMES: Thaumatrope and Mini Brain


Gr. 1 - Energy in Our Lives

This workshop demonstrates how solar energy can make things move and change colour. Students will also investigate energy conservation and consumption. They will find it fascinating to track energy changes in their own bodies by knocking down bowling pins and creating energy circuits that transform electrical energy into light and sound. TAKE HOMES: Pinwheel and UV Keychain


Gr. 1 - Mad Materials & Spectacular Structures

Students solve the riddle of our Amazing Objects and use all their senses to track the changes in our slime recipes. They will identify natural and human-made structures and learn the importance of choosing the right materials for the job. For true hands-on learning, they will build a Roman Arch then test it with their own weight! TAKE HOMES: Sailboat and Mad Science Slime


Gr. 1 - Mad Seasons

Children will discover there are different seasons & the role that weather plays in our lives. Models will show how the Sun & Earth gives rise to days and years and students will see how different parts of the world experience the cycle of seasons. They will learn how humans, plants, and people prepare for seasonal changes in different ways. TAKE HOMES: Season Wheel & Pet Tornado


Gr. 2 - Animal Changes

Students learn the difference between mammals, insects, reptiles, & plants and see how animals have adapted to various environments. Bird beaks are investigated in our “Eat Like A Bird” activity. The cyclical nature of life is discussed using an unusual example and classmates will use their newfound knowledge to delve into animal growth and changes. TAKE HOMES: My Pet Turtle & Life Cycle Yahtzee


Gr. 2 - Mad About Matter

Students find out what differentiates a solid from a liquid and identify states of matter. Lab skills improve as they learn basic hazard awareness & measure, pour, & mix their way to incredible matter discoveries. Science is used to determine whether Megg or Eggbert is the best at swimming & to float solids in liquids with our Density Stackers experiment. TAKE HOMES: Slime & Glitter Tube


Gr. 2 - Moving Machines

The nuts and bolts of pulleys, inclined planes, gears, wedges, levers, screws, & axles are all explored in a series of hands-on activities and demonstrations. Students meet the secret agent machine disguised and hiding in an everyday object, measure the effects of gravity and friction, and participate in a catapult relay race! TAKE HOMES: Spinning Top & Micropinchers


Gr. 2 - Essential Air & Water

Students in this workshop will learn to recognize air and water in various places & states. They will discover sources of water in our natural environment. They explore how air can move objects and collapse structures by using changes in temperature and pressure. A model water cycle will be built to demonstrate evaporation, precipitation, and condensation. TAKE HOMES: Pet Tornado & Mist Maker


Gr. 3 - Picking Apart Plants

Students will look closely at a variety of living plants and identify the similarities and differences between them. They will see how vascular plants move nutrients and water through their stems and investigate seed dispersal methods. Students will set up an experiment to see the effects of light and water on the germination of bean seeds. TAKE HOMES: Tumblewing & My Bean Seeds


Gr. 3 - Make It Move

The students prove the laws of motion and experiment with friction, inertia, and gravity. They'll learn about contact and non-contact forces, including magnetism and static electricity. They will also investigate potential, kinetic, chemical, solar, and nuclear energy, as well as the transformations between them. TAKE HOMES: Static Vane & Energy Rattlesnake


Gr. 3 - Super Strong Structures

Students are tasked with helping the rescue efforts on an island struck by disaster. At HQ, students learn the basics of structure and then hit up the supply store to gather & test their building materials. They travel around The Island to rebuild homes, bridges, mining helmets, and look-out towers, all while learning crucial engineering skills. TAKE HOMES: Pencil Pot Tower & Science Snapper


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