Our JK/SK Workshop Themes


Seeking Our Senses

Students go big with our giant eyeball model and go small with magnifying glasses to see everyday objects. We will investigate sound with a Wave Motion model and use our Guitar Boxes to experiment with vibrations. The children's sense of smell is tested and then we see how animals use theirs. They will discover seeing isn't always believing. TAKE HOMES: Tambourine Shaker and Model Magic Creation


Junior Scientists

Junior Scientists will use diffraction glasses to see rainbows, learn about laboratory equipment, and create volcanic explosions. We will head into space to experience life as an astronaut and meet our planetary neighbours. As palaeontologists, students will discover the eating habits of different dinosaurs and take part in our famous Mad Science Dino Dig! TAKE HOMES: Dino Tooth & Rainbow Mixer


Bugs, Bugs & More Bugs

Junior entomologists explore the anatomy of insects; how they breathe, see, move, and eat using microscopes, bug models, and insect eyes. They will learn about predators and discover defensive moves, including smelling the spray from a Stink Bug! We will examine insect life cycles, metamorphosis, and the importance of insects to our daily lives. TAKE HOMES: My Bug My Buddy and Noodle Bug Life Cyle


Magnets and Things that Stick

Little Mad Scientists witness the incredible strength of a neodymium magnet, and then make and test predictions in our Mad Science Magnet Test. No sticky situation is ignored; we challenge students to figure out how Velcro works and use their newfound knowledge to identify and experiment with a variety of adhesive materials. TAKE HOMES: Fridge Magnet and Multi-Tool


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