Discovery Lab (JK/SK)

Weekly Topics


Adventures in Air

Discover that air is powerful! It moves things, slows things down, is invisible and always surrounds you. Take-home: Pinwheel


Colour Lab

Introduce children to the beautiful world of colour, the colours of the rainbow, colour mixing and primary colours. Take-home: Rainbow Mixer


Eye to Eye

Learn about the sense of sight. Experiment with magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes, binoculars and optical illusions. Take-home: Magnifying Glass


Keep in Touch

As they feel their way through this workshop, children will be asked to identify objects using only their sense of touch. Take-home: Feeling Handy


Mad Mixtures

Erupting volcanoes, melting foam, lab equipment, and crazy chemistry are this class’s highlights. Take-home: Mad Science Crazy Dough


Magnetic Attraction

The power of magnets and an introduction to polarity. Children put common objects to the magnetic test. Take-home: Fridge Magnet


Space Frontiers

A class trip through the solar system! Sign up for the “Mad Science Space Mission” as we investigate the cosmos. Take-home: Air Rocket



This hands-on look at butterflies explores how caterpillars change into butterflies and how butterflies eat. Take-home: Noodle Bug

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