Junior Adventurers (JK/SK)

Weekly Topics


Fluttering Birds

Children will discover how birds are different from them, what they eat, and how they communicate with each other. Take Home: Rockin’ Robin


Sea, Sand, Surf

During our trip to the beach we will discuss shells, creatures of the sea, salt water and the magnificence of a whale. Take Home: Ocean Bottle


Lights On!

Explore the mysteries of light, colour and rainbows. We will answer: How is a shadow made and can it be caught? What exactly is light? Take Home: Rainbow Glasses


Shapes and Structures

Children will learn about shapes and structures as they search for hidden shapes in structures from around the world and try out the Puzzle Box challenge! Take Home: Sailboat


Science of Music

Boom, tap, smack, cha-cha-cha! Children will feel, hear and see the vibrations that help create music in this hands-on exploration. Take Home: Jingle Bracelet


Water Works

Children will learn all about the different properties of water and will experiment with floating, sinking and density. Take Home: Glitter Tube


Healthy Choices

Children will discover where their food comes from and investigate which foods they need to stay healthy. Take Home: Menu Planner


World of Worms

Children will get up close and personal with nature’s wiggly composters. They will learn about the lives and habits of worms. Take Home: Pet Worm

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