NASA Acadamy of Future Space Explorers

Weekly Topics


Atmosphere and Beyond

Explore the atmosphere of Earth and planets beyond. Keep Arnie the Aquanaut dry during an underwater walk and create a model sunset. Build a Meteorological Station to investigate wind, pressure and light at home.


Sun and Stars

Investigate the Sun, distant stars, and the galaxies they form. Create your own constellations and take home a Cosmic Disc.


Space Phenomena

Create your own impact craters and observe model meteors. Learn about reflected light in a friendly game of satellite tag and make a working model of the James Webb Space Telescope to take home.


Living in Space

Set out on a mission to investigate life in space! Participate in the construction of a model space station and go home with a Spacewalk Challenge to continue your astronaut training.


Rocket Science I & II

This two week class follows a detailed construction plan to build your very own model rocket while exploring the science of rocketry. Play a fun game illustrating the four forces of flight.


Space Travel

Race balloon rockets and devise a balloon-powered rocket car. Build a Space Copter to take home. Soar to new heights with a model rocket launch!


Space Technology

Help laser light through a maze, use principles of radar technology to find hidden mountains, and launch a satellite into orbit. Take home a Stereoscopic Viewer to explore planet surfaces in 3D!

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