NASA Acadamy of Future Space Explorers

Weekly Topics


Atmosphere and Beyond

Children discover the properties of the air around us and explore the atmosphere of Earth, and those of planets beyond. Children are challenged to keep Arny the Aquanaut dry during an underwater walk, and to recreate the optics of a sunset. After assembling the atmospheres of other planets, they build their very own Space Guide to follow the probes exploring our solar system from here on Earth!


Sun and Stars

Investigate the Sun, distant stars, and the galaxies they form. Create your own constellations and take home a Cosmic Disc.


Space Phenomena

Create your own impact craters and observe model meteors. Learn about reflected light in a friendly game of satellite tag and make a working model of the James Webb Space Telescope to take home.


Living in Space

Set out on a mission to investigate life in space! Participate in the construction of a model space station and go home with a Spacewalk Challenge to continue your astronaut training.


Rocket Science I & II

This two week class follows a detailed construction plan to build your very own model rocket while exploring the science of rocketry. Play a fun game illustrating the four forces of flight.


Space Travel

Race balloon rockets and devise a balloon-powered rocket car. Build a Space Copter to take home. Soar to new heights with a model rocket launch!


Space Technology

Help laser light through a maze, use principles of radar technology to find hidden mountains, and launch a satellite into orbit. Take home a Stereoscopic Viewer to explore planet surfaces in 3D!

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