Schoolhouse Chess

The order of the classes is subject to change.


Intro to Chess

Welcome to the Schoolhouse Chess World. In this first class, the class will explore the names of the pieces and how they move. We will learn how to properly set up the board and the basics of how to play a game of chess. Advanced players will learn about basic notation - the address of each square. The strength and weakness of each piece will also be explored.


Where's the Check?

In this class children will learn to define what check and checkmate is. They will learn the 3 ways to get out of check, and how the game ends once a player is in checkmate. Advanced learners will expand their understanding of illegal moves while in check and learn how to define a draw - when neither player can win.


Two Moves in One!

Castling is the lesson of the day. Children will learn how to castle, when they are allowed to castle and when they are not allowed to castle. They will learn when the best time to castle is and the reasons why castling is a good move. Expanded concepts for advanced learners include learning which side is best to castle and why; Kingside vs Queenside.


Chess Money!

Today's theme explores capturing and trading pieces. Children will learn the value of each piece and define trading. Examples of "good trades" and "bad trades" will be shown and we will learn that free (hanging) pieces are always the first choice of capture. Advanced players will learn the value of even trades; when it is a good and bad idea to make the even trade.


Working Together!

Today's theme teaches children how pieces can work together to attack and defend. The following questions will be explored: What does it mean to 'tag team attack'? What does it mean to have a 'protected check or checkmate'? Advanced players will learn what it means 'to get the last laugh'.


King of the Best Castle!

Today's class will cover basic strategy understanding & what it means to control the center of the board. Key ideas that will be covered will be: don't hang pieces, get your King to safety, control the center by developing pieces and the importance of using all your pieces. Expanding learning for advanced players will include: different phases of the games and mobility - controlling more squares.


Train Your Chess Eyes!

Exploring the entire chessboard and finding the best move available is the goal this class. We will learn that there are dozens of possible moves at any given time and that it is important to see the right moves. Patience is key to the game of chess. We will learn the order of what we look for in a good game.


Practice Makes Perfect!

In this final class, we will review all the concepts that were learned over the previous 7 weeks and see what a good game looks like. Children will have the opportunity to put their new skills to the test in a tournament. Practice make perfect and the learning should continue at home with the chess game board that they will receive.

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