Young Explorers (JK/SK)

Weekly Topics


Animal Friends

Discover your inner animal! Identify animal sounds and learn about baby animals and their parents. Take Home: Hippopotamask


Creepy Crawlers

Explore the amazing world of creatures that fly, creatures that creep and creatures that crawl! Take Home: My Bug, My Buddy


Commons Senses

Make fascinating discoveries about the senses of sight, sound, hearing, touch and smell. Take Home: Thaumatrope


Changing Seasons

Understand the science of weather, the power of air, cycles of nature, seasons, days, years and months. Take Home: Pet Tornado


Human Body

Learn about muscles and body systems and listen to a human heart beat. Take Home: X-Ray Hand


Digging for Dinos

Discover which dinosaurs are meat eaters and which are plant eaters. Participate in a dinosaur dig. Take Home: Dinosaur Tooth


Listen Closely

Experiment with a Wave Motion Model and discover the science of sound. Take Home: Mini Ear


Weather Wonders

Investigate water cycles, weather patterns and how rainbows form. Take Home: Rain Gauge

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