Our Grades 4-6 Curriculum Workshop Topics


Gr. 4 - Mineral Mania

What is classification? What is the difference between a rock & a mineral? Who was Friedrich Mohs? Students will learn about the rock-cycle, how to identify a variety of rocks & minerals, and the uses of rocks in daily life. No lesson on geology would be complete without a volcanic eruption. The students will also have the chance to pan for gems. TAKE HOMES: Panning for Gems & Sedimentary Stacker


Gr. 4 - Healthy Habitats

Students will learn about carnivores, herbivores, omnivores, populations, & communities. They will see how even small changes in nature can lead to massive effects. We will demonstrate how energy moves through a food chain and explain why some is lost at every stage. Students will understand how & why a habitat can support only a limited number of organisms. TAKE HOMES: Dino Tooth & Habitat Dice


Gr. 4 - Purposeful Pulleys and Groovy Gears

What are pulleys and gears? Experiment with fixed, moveable, & compound pulley elevator systems, then build a new water well for Tungsten Towers. Get into the groove with bevel, helical, spur, and worm gears and test out a variety of gear systems. Be amazed by early bicycle designs and track the changes using our interactive Bicycle Gear Model. TAKE HOMES: Desk Elevator & Gear Toy


Gr. 4 - Light and Sound Energy

Classes discover wave movement & how changes in amplitude & frequency cause pitch & volume. They will experiment with Boom Whackers to create a classroom musical performance & use model eardrums to see how waves are changed into electrical impulses. Light sources are tested & we determine the reflective and refractive properties of materials. TAKE HOMES: Pan Flute & Moire Pattern Generator


Gr. 5 - Forces Acting Up

Students will identify internal & external forces acting on structures & measure material strength in a series of compression, tension, and torsion tests. They will create & evaluate mechanical systems designed to decrease input force. They will look closely at four bridge types & assess how each one handles dead and live loads, as well as the strains from natural phenomena. TAKE HOME:Model Bridge


Gr. 5 - Excellent Energy

Our Steel Balls experiment will make an impact as students familiarize themselves with the scientific method. They will test a variety of materials in order to transform energy from one form to another. The class will be asked to think long-term as we discuss renewable & non-renewable energy sources and make predictions and suggestions for the future. TAKE HOME: Energy Rattlesnake & Hovercraft


Gr. 5 - Change Matters

Students will be blown away by frozen carbon dioxide. They will learn the terms evaporation, condensation & sublimation. The students’ preconceptions about solids, liquids, and gases will be challenged and they will gain a clear understanding of melting & boiling points. Students will test and understand the differences between physical & chemical change. TAKE HOMES: Superball & Crystal Garden


Gr. 6 - University of Diversity

Students will discover the ways that living things can be classified. They will delve into the Animal Kingdom & learn the characteristics & anomalies of the planet’s largest group. Their understanding of warm & cold-blooded creatures will deepen & they will learn to make predictions about adaptations for a range of environments. Bacteria & plants will also be examined. TAKE HOME: Mini Terrarium


Gr. 6 - Electrifying Science

Students will harness the power of static & current electricity to build parallel & series circuits, test conductors & insulators & explode a balloon to learn about fuses! Watch as our Wimshurst machine generates lightning inside the classroom. They will research power stations, investigating energy alternatives and measuring the current of fruit batteries. TAKE HOMES:Electroscope & Electromagnet


Gr. 6 - Space Spectacular

Students become astronauts & learn about our place in the Solar System, learn about conditions on other planets, & experience the chills of spacesuit cooling systems. Our laser-guided maze teaches students how technology is crucial to space exploration. Back on Earth, they will replicate Sun, Moon, & Earth rotations in order to create indoor eclipses. TAKE HOMES: Robot Hand & Planisphere


Gr. 6 - Air & Aerodynamics

Students will experience the four forces of flight & learn how they work together to make an airplane fly. A series of experiments demonstrate how we are able to know that air is matter and we will use Bernoulli's Principle to create spectacular results! Giant windbags, Hovercraft rides, floating balls, and a hot air balloon - students will be blown away.TAKE HOMES: Bernoulli's Plane & Delta Dart


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